Photo credit Tony Harrison

In the same year that the Government passed the Road Act 1920 which made driving licences and third-party insurance compulsory, a group of young men (including Jack Barclay who went on to start a Fiat dealership in London) began racing the Fiat 501. When Fiat indicated they were going to produce a 500 series in June 1922 a club called the Fiat 500 Club was formed and affiliated to the RAC. The club continued running in this country until the outbreak of World War Two when a resolution was passed to suspend operations for the duration of the hostilities.  

In 1948 Jimmy James started a Fiat 500 Club, the forerunner of the Fiat Motor Club (GB) as we know it today. When Fiat produced a 600 series of cars the club was renamed the Fiat 500-600 Club. However, Fiat continued to expand its models and when the 1100 and 1200 series came in a general meeting of the club decided to call the club by its present name. This took effect on 28th February 1963 and from then on, the club would cover all models old and new under the Fiat marque. 

The Fiat Motor Club (GB) the club with a history of representing Fiat models old and new. In 2022 we celebrated our 100yr Anniversary.

Future Events

Our fun doesn’t end when we pack down after Fiats and Friends as there are a whole host of other events coming up for 2024 and beyond.